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About Timeless Tailoring

My name is Josef Kleffman and I am a Master Cutter and Tailor.  We hope that you will grace us as a new client.  We offer custom tailoring that is affordable and first  class in quality.   If you are in the market for a new suit it makes more sense to spend a little more to have a suit that will be around for years and will be fashionable and stylish for the same amount of time.

Our History


  Timeless Tailoring was formed in 2005 because the owner was not happy with the choices in men's suits that were avaible to the general public.
  When a client chooses our company for his next suit he will be involved from the start. with preferrd design, and choice of materials used in the construction of his garment.
  Our Name says it all; we are creating a garment for you that really is timeless and will always look great from the day that you receieve it.  There are very few custom shops like ours any more. Many work from block patterns, but we draft each of our customers patterns for his or her garment individually.  We also save that pattern so when the customer comes back we can retake his or her measurements and adjust their pattern accordingly.
Our Expertise


  Here at Timeless Tailoring we have many years of experience.  The owner apprenticed  in the art of tailoring by his late Grandmother who worked in Tailor's shops during the 1930-1950's.  She passed this information along to me, and I continued to read every book I could get on the subject and dedicated myself to never stop learning.  
  At Timeless Tailoring we offer the customer a wide range of house styles but if our customer has a particular style in mind we can sit down and I will make a drawing of what I think the customer wants.  Then we will meet and change the drawing to the meet the customers expeciations.  At that point we will draft the pattern based on the customers measurements, cut it and baste it up for a 1st fitting.
  Our garments are always made with Hymo canvas that is sewn in, so that the garment will never lose its shape. Whether you wear it every other day or just once a year, it will always look good.
  All of our garments are cut by hand and built up in the traditional methods that have been used by tailors for hundreds of years.


Our Commitment


At Timeless Tailoring we are committed to pleasing the customer.  We will work with you until you are pleased with the garment that we create for you.  When a client contacts us with a potential contract, we will set up a time and place to meet.  One of our perks is that we come to our clients; we know you have a busy schedule.  So we can meet you at your home or work, after hours and even weekends.
We were featured in the Sept/Oct Issue of Arts&Society Magazine.
My article method of measurement was also published
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